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Global Deduplication

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Deduplication Rates

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Deduplication Rates for VMWare Guests

The following are the deduplication rates observed for VMWare guests run and stored on top of an SDFS filesystem. The numbers reported are based on a standard direct install of 3 Windows 7 operating system within a vmware guest. The vmware guests were not copied onto the SDFS volume but directly installed to a more real world example. The test involved first, th install of a Windows 7 guest as a seed and then the subsequent install of 2 additional Windows 7 guests to determine deduplication rates. The configuration for the test was as follows:

  • SDFS Filesystem using 4k block size
  • VMWare workstation 7.1.4
  • (3) Windows 7 64 bit install within guest with 1GB RAM, 40GB HD


Deduplicatoin Rates of 96% were observed for the 2nd and 3rd Windows 7 install. Within the first, seed, guest 26% deduplication was observed. A total of 17.7 GB of storage was saved during the test.

dedupe rates

During the test storage savings was quite substantial on the 2nd and 3rd run. During the 1st test 8.7 GB of unique data was written but during the 2nd and 3rd test only 307MB, and 304 MB of unique data was written in subsequent tests.

storage savings

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