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Opendedup SDFS, an OpenSource cloud backed storage that does global inline deduplication.

The main features of SDFS are:

  • Free and OpenSource
  • Local Performance - Most recently used data can be cached locally
  • Security - All data is locally encrypted with AES-256-CBC before it is sent to the cloud or on disk
  • Data Reduction - All data is deduplicated and compressed before it is sent to the cloud.
  • Bandwidth Control - Cloud Storage IO can be throttled for upload and download speeds
  • Replication - WAN Efficient Replication between Cloud Storage Gateways
  • Glacier, Azure, S3, Google,Swift,block
  • Instant Recovery - in the cloud or on prem


Latest News

SDFS 3.2.1 Released
Opendedup is pleased to announce to release of SDFS version 2.0 with enhanced clustered, global deduplication support. Take a look at the Administration guide and download it.