Global Deduplication

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Global inline deduplication for Block Storage and Files


The main features of Opendedup are:

  • Variable and Fixed Block Deduplication - Efficiently deduplicate structured and unstructured data.
  • Reduced Storage Utilization - Deduplication can reduce storage utilization by up to 90%-95%
  • Scalability - Opendedup can dedup huge amounts of data and loadbalance across up to 126 independent nodes
  • High Availabiltiy - All block data can is replicated across up to 7 Block Storage nodes
  • Replication - Efficient deduplication aware replication
  • VMWare support - Work with vms - can dedup at 4k block sized. This is required to dedup Virtual Machines effectively
  • Flexible storage - deduplicated data can be stored locally, on the network across multiple nodes, or in the cloud.
  • Global Inline Deduplication - Opendedup shares unique data between volumes in real time.
  • Unlimited File and Folder Snapshot support - Support for file or folder level snapshots.
  • Standalone or Clustered Configuration


Latest News

SDFS Version 2.0.11 Released. Check out the change log.
The virtual NAS appliance version 3.0.1 has been released. It includes fixes for Cloud and local storage